Hair loss after pregnancy

We all face hair loss every day. We shed on average 80 – 100 hairs every single day. Visible hair loss occurs when we loose more than 100 hair a day.  Although in most cases the process is gradual and often linked to our age and genetics new mums experience dramatic changes in their oestrogen levels after baby is born. Stress, exhaustion and psychological experience itself may also lead to hair fall. The main factor however is the drop in oestrogen levels. The hair that grows in the place of the one that was shed can be shorter and weaker. Re-growth might turn into a vellus hair that is short, thin, slightly coloured, and barely noticeable. Hair loss after pregnancy can range from mild to severe, in mild cases hair styling may be enough but dependent upon the age of a mother in more severe cases additional hair volume might be required.

Although in many cases this type of hair loss is temporary it can be minimised by taking home treatments and having proper diet. Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits which contain antioxidants & flavonoids that help promote hair follicles. Spinach, Kiwis, Berries are rich in antioxidants. Drink plenty of water and take Omega-3 fatty acids that can boost hair growth. Good, healthy eating practices are paramount for the overall health, not just for the health of hair and follicles. Make sure you also include protein rich foods in your diet.

Hair care is important after pregnancy. Try to avoid hot water when washing you hair. Hot irons, straighteners, curlers won’t improve hair growth either. Less combing, brushing, use of conditioner and mild shampoo will definitely decrease hair loss.

There are also many long term home treatments that can make things better.
Many women in the East gently massage scalp with egg yolk. They claim this treatment strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth. This tradition has been passed from generation upon generation.

You can also make a mixture of warm castor oil and almond oil and massage it on your scalp.
There are also products on the market that contain a mix of coconut oil and aloe-vera that you can use or you can make this mixture yourself.

Whatever natural remedies you use don’t leave it for too long on your scalp. Usually a treatment of 10-15 minutes, once a week is sufficient.

If you however want quick results you can use a concealer like Volume Hair Plus. It is recommended by the Dutch Hair Foundation which is a non-profit charitable organisation that supports people affected by hair loss. It is available in 7 colours and can restore your hair volume instantly. It can be also applied to eyebrows.

After pregnancy hair loss shouldn’t be extreme and you won’t get bald so don’t worry, unless your little one takes pleasure in pulling your hair out…